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Imf::TiledRgbaInputFile Class Reference

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class  FromYa

Public Member Functions

RgbaChannels channels () const
Compression compression () const
const Imath::Box2idataWindow () const
Imath::Box2i dataWindowForLevel (int l=0) const
Imath::Box2i dataWindowForLevel (int lx, int ly) const
Imath::Box2i dataWindowForTile (int dx, int dy, int l=0) const
Imath::Box2i dataWindowForTile (int dx, int dy, int lx, int ly) const
const Imath::Box2idisplayWindow () const
const char * fileName () const
const FrameBufferframeBuffer () const
const Headerheader () const
bool isComplete () const
bool isValidLevel (int lx, int ly) const
int levelHeight (int ly) const
LevelMode levelMode () const
LevelRoundingMode levelRoundingMode () const
int levelWidth (int lx) const
LineOrder lineOrder () const
int numLevels () const
int numXLevels () const
int numXTiles (int lx=0) const
int numYLevels () const
int numYTiles (int ly=0) const
float pixelAspectRatio () const
void readTile (int dx, int dy, int lx, int ly)
void readTile (int dx, int dy, int l=0)
const Imath::V2f screenWindowCenter () const
float screenWindowWidth () const
void setFrameBuffer (Rgba *base, size_t xStride, size_t yStride)
 TiledRgbaInputFile (IStream &is)
 TiledRgbaInputFile (const char name[])
unsigned int tileXSize () const
unsigned int tileYSize () const
int version () const

Private Member Functions

TiledRgbaInputFileoperator= (const TiledRgbaInputFile &)
 TiledRgbaInputFile (const TiledRgbaInputFile &)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 265 of file ImfTiledRgbaFile.h.

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