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Imf::TimeCode Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  Packing { TV60_PACKING, TV50_PACKING, FILM24_PACKING }

Public Member Functions

bool bgf0 () const
bool bgf1 () const
bool bgf2 () const
int binaryGroup (int group) const
bool colorFrame () const
bool dropFrame () const
bool fieldPhase () const
int frame () const
int hours () const
int minutes () const
TimeCodeoperator= (const TimeCode &other)
int seconds () const
void setBgf0 (bool value)
void setBgf1 (bool value)
void setBgf2 (bool value)
void setBinaryGroup (int group, int value)
void setColorFrame (bool value)
void setDropFrame (bool value)
void setFieldPhase (bool value)
void setFrame (int value)
void setHours (int value)
void setMinutes (int value)
void setSeconds (int value)
void setTimeAndFlags (unsigned int value, Packing packing=TV60_PACKING)
void setUserData (unsigned int value)
unsigned int timeAndFlags (Packing packing=TV60_PACKING) const
 TimeCode (int hours, int minutes, int seconds, int frame, bool dropFrame=false, bool colorFrame=false, bool fieldPhase=false, bool bgf0=false, bool bgf1=false, bool bgf2=false, int binaryGroup1=0, int binaryGroup2=0, int binaryGroup3=0, int binaryGroup4=0, int binaryGroup5=0, int binaryGroup6=0, int binaryGroup7=0, int binaryGroup8=0)
 TimeCode (const TimeCode &other)
 TimeCode (unsigned int timeAndFlags, unsigned int userData=0, Packing packing=TV60_PACKING)
unsigned int userData () const

Private Attributes

unsigned int _time
unsigned int _user

Detailed Description

Definition at line 116 of file ImfTimeCode.h.

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