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Static Public Member Functions

Imath::Math< T > Struct Template Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static T acos (T x)
static T asin (T x)
static T atan (T x)
static T atan2 (T x, T y)
static T ceil (T x)
static T cos (T x)
static T cosh (T x)
static T exp (T x)
static T fabs (T x)
static T floor (T x)
static T fmod (T x, T y)
static T hypot (T x, T y)
static T log (T x)
static T log10 (T x)
static T modf (T x, T *iptr)
static T pow (T x, T y)
static T sin (T x)
static T sinh (T x)
static T sqrt (T x)
static T tan (T x)
static T tanh (T x)

Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct Imath::Math< T >

Definition at line 103 of file ImathMath.h.

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