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Static Public Member Functions

Imath::Math< float > Struct Template Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static float acos (float x)
static float asin (float x)
static float atan (float x)
static float atan2 (float x, float y)
static float ceil (float x)
static float cos (float x)
static float cosh (float x)
static float exp (float x)
static float fabs (float x)
static float floor (float x)
static float fmod (float x, float y)
static float hypot (float x, float y)
static float log (float x)
static float log10 (float x)
static float modf (float x, float *y)
static float pow (float x, float y)
static float sin (float x)
static float sinh (float x)
static float sqrt (float x)
static float tan (float x)
static float tanh (float x)

Detailed Description

struct Imath::Math< float >

Definition at line 175 of file ImathMath.h.

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