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Imf::OutputFile::Data Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Data (bool del)

Public Attributes

vector< size_t > bytesPerLine
Int64 currentPosition
int currentScanLine
bool deleteStream
char * endOfLineBufferData
Compressor::Format format
FrameBuffer frameBuffer
Header header
Array< char > lineBuffer
int lineBufferMaxY
int lineBufferMinY
size_t lineBufferSize
vector< Int64 > lineOffsets
Int64 lineOffsetsPosition
LineOrder lineOrder
int linesInBuffer
int maxX
int maxY
int minX
int minY
int missingScanLines
vector< size_t > offsetInLineBuffer
Int64 previewPosition
vector< OutSliceInfo > slices
int version

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file ImfOutputFile.cpp.

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